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  • ABC Animals

    Preview Book

    Meet a wonderful friendly animal for every letter of the alphabet.

    Coming Soon
  • Animals on the Move

    Preview Book

    These animals are going somewhere, these animals are in their vehicles, these are animals on the move!

    Coming Soon
  • Baby's Day

    Preview Book

    Join baby for a day of fun and adventure, there are so many things to do in a babies daily routine:)

    Coming Soon
  • Baby Dinosaurs

    Preview Book

    Meet tyrannosaurus, stegasaurus, diplodacus and the other baby dinosaurs as they go about their daily lives long long ago.

    Coming Soon
  • Happy Insects

    Preview Book

    Meet bee, caterpillar, beetle and the other happy insects as they wiggle and squirm through their daily lives.

    Coming Soon
  • The Party Animals

    Preview Book

    These animals are getting dressed up to go to their friends party! Who do you want to party with?

    Coming Soon

Why BabyClix?

The main reasons to buy a BabyClix book for baby are: -

  • To make learning fun, just like any good baby book does
  • To surprise and delight baby
  • To give baby hand-eye co-ordination practice
  • To read to baby when you have time together
  • To keep baby occupied and happy when you have to do other things


BabyClix books are for little babies from 6-18 months old, they are simple and fun.

Babies love to be delighted and surprised and parents love baby to be occupied, happy and learning.

BabyClix interactive books are games designed for babies, they look like baby books and baby is rewarded for interacting with the pages.

Every page is educational, teaching baby about the world around them. Numbers, letters, daily routines, animals, shapes, trucks, dinosaurs, and all the things babies love.

Babies find it challenging to co-ordinate their hands with a screen, mouse or keyboard. By trying to get the page to turn they are learning valuable hand-eye co-ordination skills.

Each page is really simple and has a animated picture, sounds, text and pings that inform and delight baby.

When baby touches or clicks a page, a visual ping expands from where they touched and then the next page magically appears.

If sometimes they can't touch or click, never mind, the page will soon turn by itself.

You can read the book to baby, but baby can occupy themselves with the book if you are busy at the time. The book will automatically read itself to baby, and you can turn the audio off or on by triple-tapping the page.

Sometimes as parents we need to get things done knowing that baby is safely occupied and happy and is learning important skills and information. BabyClix interactive books are perfect for this!

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How to Buy

You can purchase BabyClix books from your favourite app store by following the "buy now" or "preview" links on the book's card in the gallery up above.


BabyClix games can run on any device including Android, Apple and Windows phones, tablets and computers. The app stores you can buy BabyClix games from are: -

Each BabyClix book is just a regular app like any other app on your smart phone or tablet, and is priced low so baby can build up a little library of games to play with.

To preview and buy a BabyClix book simply click on the "preview" link on the book's card in the gallery up above. There you will be able to preview the book and purchase it from your favourite app store.

The books preview page contains a replica of the book and you can interact with it exactly as you would with the real book on your device.

For a quick purchase simply click on the "buy now" link on the book's card in the gallery up above then select your favourite app store.

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How to Use

When you open the app you will be presented with the cover page.

If you do nothing the page will turn by itself at fixed regular intervals. When the book gets to the end, it will restart from the cover page.

Depending on your device settings the audio may not start automatically. Just touch or click the screen and the audio will start.

  • To Start - Tap, click or keypress anywhere on the screen, this will start audio for the book, and cause a ping and a page turn.
  • To Turn the Page - Tap, click or keypress anywhere on the screen.
  • To Silence the Book - Triple-tap, triple-click or triple-keypress anywhere on the screen. To reactivate audio, just do the same thing again.
  • To Exit - Use the devices standard app exit process.

The Book Gallery

About BabyClix

BabyClix is a family business and the main things to know about our books is that they: -

  • Are safe for baby to use
  • Are educational and build babies skills
  • Do not overwhelm baby with a complicated screen
  • Do not connect to the Internet
  • Do not collect any data about you
  • Do not contain ads or opinions
  • Are device and parent friendly


When my daughter Winnie was a baby she so wanted to be like her bigger brother and sisters and play on the computer. Winnie though could not work the keyboard or mouse at all, she was too young and her hands would not go where she wanted.

I wrote a simple computer program called 123click, it filled the whole screen and no matter what key Winnie hit or where she clicked, the page advanced. She was delighted and when allowed played 123click for hours.

BabyClix games are just a modern version of the old 123clicks program I wrote back in the 90s. Instead of an old Windows program the modern version is written to run as an app on a modern mobile device.

I want other babies to have the same fun Winnie had and improve their skills and knowledge in the process. I hope your baby and you enjoy the BabyClix games you buy for your baby as much as Winnie did.

BabyClix books are completely safe and secure, the following list describes in detail how BabyClix games work so you can see for yourself: -

  • You can preview any BabyClix book from the gallery up above. The previews are exact replicas of what you will get if you buy the book. To start the books sounds in the preveiw touch or click the preveiw.
  • Each page in a BabyClix book contains animated pictures, text, and audio, and nothing more.
  • In some BabyClix games the page order, animations or pings are randomised each time the book is opened. This is done to keep the book fresh for baby, and because familiarity with unpredictability is intellectually stimulating.
  • The book can be silenced by triple-tapping the screen. Triple-tapping the screen again will turn the audio back on.
  • When baby touches or clicks a page the page will turn and there may be a visual cue called a ping to reward baby for success.
  • If baby doesn't touch or click the page, it will turn by itself after a certain time.
  • To exit a BabyClix book you must use your device's built-in method for exiting apps. This is so baby cannot accidentally exit.
  • A BabyClix book runs in full-screen mode to minimise the chance of baby accidentally exiting the book and ending up in some other app on your device.
  • There are no links to the Internet from a BabyClix book.
  • You cannot launch other programs from a BabyClix book.
  • There are no ads or opinions in a BabyClix book.
  • A BabyClix book does not collect any data about you or your device, or store any data, or send any data to the Internet, or to anywhere else for that matter.
  • A BabyClix book does not connect to the Internet at all, everything the book needs to run is stored within the app's file on your device and under your control.
  • If legally required, attributions for the use of pictures, sounds or fonts may be displayed for a few seconds when the book opens for the first time.

The website does not require an account or know who you are, does not collect or send any data about you, does not use cookies, and only uses large, well-known and reputable website hosting and app store services. Click on policy statements to view our detailed privacy, cookie, terms of use, and other legal policies.

If you have any questions about BabyClix, the book apps, or our policies you can contact me.

Mark Kortink
PO Box 1326, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089, Australia

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